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You’ve probably spent thousands of hours or dollars (or both) building a FileMaker solution to help your business succeed far into the future. Why risk losing it all with a support strategy that’s stuck in the past? IT Solutions – the leading FileMaker Business Alliance network support company – offers an innovative FileMaker Server protection plan for your FM databases. FMAssure provides comprehensive coverage that goes far beyond traditional hourly consulting help. Give your FM server the priority support it needs and give yourself long-term peace of mind.

Filemaker Business Alliance Platinum

FMAssure Features

FMAssure FMAssure+
2-hour response time during business hours *
Highest priority support for critical issues
Scheduled task monitoring and issue remediation
Backup monitoring and weekly physical backup review
File restores from local backups
Weekly server log review
FileMaker Server software troubleshooting
FileMaker Server software reinstallation (if necessary)
FileMaker Server patching for critical vulnerabilities
Recommendations for performance improvements
WebDirect support
Web-based ticketing system, issue manager, and knowledgebase
FileMaker Cloud Support
After-hours support (24-hour coverage)
Quarterly planning meeting with FileMaker Server specialist
Monthly server performance report
CWP and Data API Support

* IT Solutions business hours are Monday-Friday 8 am to 6 pm

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