Office 365 Benefits for Your Business

Office 365 Benefits for Your Business

Microsoft Office 365 offers a new level of freedom and flexibility that can’t be achieved with the traditional Office Suite. With Office 365 (O365) your license is connected to you, rather than a specific device. Here are just some of the ways to stay productive and collaborate effectively with Office 365:


  • Use traditional Office software on your workstation. Install the applications available with Office 365 on your PC or Mac so that you can use local versions of the tools whether you’re online or offline.
  • Take your applications with you. To use locally running versions of your Office 365 applications on supported mobile devices, download Office Mobile.
  • Leverage Office Web Apps. To access your Office 365 applications with a device that cannot run Office Mobile, use Office Web Apps. These are browser-based versions of your Office applications that run in the cloud.
  • Gain confidence with data control, file sharing, and regulatory compliance. You control your data with Office 365 and so you choose whether to store it locally or in the cloud. By using cloud-based storage, you gain the most flexibility and mobility because you can access your data with multiple devices and share files with the people you choose.


Collaborating with coworkers and customers is easier with Office 365 because you can access enterprise-grade email, calendars, and other tools whether you’re at your desk or on the go.

  • Maintain one version of collaborative documents by allowing authorized users to create, edit, and review the same files in real time — including reports, proposals, emails, and budgets. No need to merge different file versions later. And you can share with confidence because you control who gets to see what.
  • Simplify collaboration with non-Office users by sending them the URL of the web page where you’ve saved your file. The file appears in a web browser with its formatting in place. The viewer can also filter and sort Excel workbooks and can play animations in PowerPoint presentations.
  • See the availability of coworkers, join online meetings, and IM from virtually any device including your PC, smartphone, and tablet using Microsoft Lync. You can also connect with your Skype contacts directly from Lync, so you don’t have to switch between applications to get phone numbers and addresses.
  • Make meetings more productive with one-click screen sharing. Work together more effectively by letting participants see your screen — or another participant’s screen —during an online meeting. Meeting participants can also view and use a shared white board and note space.
  • Stay connected with your colleagues and customers in other ways by posting and receiving social networking updates with your Newsfeed, and by using blogs and wikis to build team unity and publish information.


Office 365 can be a great alternative for your business compared to expensive hardware and complex licensing packages. But if your Office 365 environment is not set up properly to meet your computing needs, it can be a disaster.

During the initial deployment, advanced configurations and integration between third-party tools are required to ensure a smooth-running network. And ongoing maintenance is equally important to keep your data backed up and safe.

Office 365 Cloud Solution Provider

At IT Solutions we have a certified Office 365 project team with a long and successful track record of migration engagements involving Office 365. As a Microsoft Tier 1 Office 365 Cloud Solution Provider and Gold Certified Partner, we have a direct line to resolve customer problems quickly if escalation is required. And as your managed service provider for Office 365, we’ll:

  • Take care of the complex setup ensuring proper deployment
  • Apply our proven processes and industry best practices to keep your systems up and running at all times
  • Provide a personalized level of support that you can’t get directly through Microsoft

Before you dive head-first into Office 365, contact us to talk about our Managed Office 365 Plan or how we can assist with an application built on one of the Office 365 platforms, such as SharePoint.

Allows us to serve as your advisor and support team so you can stay focused on customers and growing your business. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

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