DDP Roofing Services, Inc

Strategic Move to Cloud Strengthens Network Security for Full-Service Roofing Company


DDP Roofing Services, Inc. is a commercial and industrial roofing company headquartered in Glen Mills, PA that services the entire East Coast. DDP Roofing reached out to IT Solutions after experiencing ongoing performance issues with their on-premise network. After dealing with inadequate support and slow response times from their previous IT provider for too long, DDP selected ITS to fix the current issues and set the company up for long-term success. 

The Challenge

  • Aging Infrastructure. The server hardware was over 7 years old with many components on the network out of warranty or not up-to-date, causing general network slowness, connectivity issues, and key business applications to crash.
  • Security Vulnerabilities. With this outdated infrastructure and unpatched operating systems in place, several critical vulnerabilities were identified. Among the top security issues were a poorly configured firewall, unsecure web server, and unrestricted access to all users on the network without a password policy in place.
  • Business Disruptions. A reliable backup solution did not exist, so in the event of a power outage from a storm or any business interruption at the office, DDP was unable to access their systems, resulting in missed business opportunities during critical times for a contractor company.
  • Lack of Support. The previous IT provider did not uphold their end of their Service Level Agreement (SLA), and issues would go untouched or unresolved for unacceptable timeframes. 

The Solution

  • Cloud-based Infrastructure. DDP Roofing chose to move their network offsite to NearCloud®, IT Solutions’ private cloud, hosted on our enterprise-level infrastructure. Our dedicated domain system keeps DDP’s data separate from our other customers and provides plenty of storage space for expansion as needed. NearCloud comes with many benefits, including high-speed internet access and connectivity. With a remote desktop solution (RDS) in place, along with Microsoft Office 365 and single sign-on enabled, DDP users can securely access the network from wherever they are and at any time, day or night.
  • Top-tier Security. The hosting solution leverages best-in-breed security tools to prevent and protect against unwanted malware and cybersecurity attacks. This includes ensuring that all hardware, software and devices are patched, protected and up-to-date daily though automated health checks and manual monitoring by IT Solutions’ dedicated team of security professionals.
  • Business Continuity. Highly redundant hardware with multiple backups and failover systems are in place so DDP’s network is always accessible and always up and running. Backups are performed nightly, and all data are replicated to a colocation facility in another region of the country that serves as a secondary backup solution.
  • Strategic Support & Process-Driven Approach. Our 25 years of experience managing clients like DDP has allowed us to focus on network standardization, polices and processes that adhere to industry best practices. For example, DDP’s user access now follows a permission-based policy, so they only have access to areas of the network required to perform their job duties. Additionally, with a dedicated team of support specialists and a user-friendly ticketing system in place, all customer requests are tracked and addressed in a timely manner.

The Return

  • Switching to IT Solutions has fundamentally changed the way DDP Roofing views technology. Before the transition, technology was a source of pain and now it’s regarded as a valued asset.
  • The hosted environment along with the software-as-a-service model eliminates any large capital investments on server hardware and provides predictable monthly expenditures which will result in long-term cost savings.
  • Overall productivity has increased, and users are thrilled with how easy it is to access the information and applications they need to do their jobs.

"IT Solutions and DDP have become a true partnership. We are very pleased with the final results. Many people worked very hard to accomplish all of this."

Susan Parker, Controller, DDP Roofing

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