Managed IT Security Services (MSSP) for Businesses

Enhanced Protection Against Advanced Cyber Security Threats
For businesses with stringent data security requirements like HIPAA or PCI, or for SMBs that want additional protection against advanced cyber security threats, we offer ITSecure+. ITSecure+ combines everything available in our managed IT security services with 11 more features for enhanced protection -- keeping your data, your network, and your employees safe.  
 As a comprehensive IT security solution, you can roll these features out as a package for a fixed, flat-fee rate. 

ITSecure+ Features Include


Advanced Web Content Filtering 

All IT Solutions SharedVision clients are protected from unwanted Internet intrusions by malicious content filtering. The ITSecure+ advanced filtering feature provides added controls with flexible, location-aware policies and an unlimited number of custom block or allow lists. Alert your users with customizable block pages and allow designated users to safely bypass certain blocks. 

 E-mail Encryption and URL Protect 

Integrated with the anti-spam protection, our e-mail encryption offering protects valuable information easily and economically, and complies with privacy  regulations. URL Protect shows an unmasked web address so that users can be confident that they’re going to the actual pages shown in the e-mail. For extra protection, page previews and scanning of attachments prior to inbox arrival can be enabled.

Enterprise Password Management 

Solve poor password hygiene with your employees easily and quickly, so you can secure every password-protected entry point to your business. Centralize administration, control shared access and maintain an encrypted company-wide password database.

Vulnerability & Risk Assessment

We will work with you to identify all externally facing assets and scan them for vulnerabilities. This involves probing websites, applications, operating systems, and device configurations with the goal of gaining access to protected data – an ideal way to determine what weaknesses may be present in your IT infrastructure.

Message Archiving

Our solution offers a centralized repository of unstructured data for safe and long-term preservation or for compliance needs. Using multiple collection points our archiving solution retains the original e-mail, detailed metadata, and a copy of the e-mail should it be changed by company policy enforcement. We capture all inbound, outbound and internal mail to allow instant searching by employees and administrators.

Enhanced Workstation Encryption

We provide full encryption technology on all workstations, including Macs. Controlling it all from one console, it’s hard-drive encryption without compromise. 

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Mobile Device Management

Create a protected container for company data apart from personal data, even on employee-owned mobile devices. Selectively wipe the container, protect against screenshots of sensitive data, and provide private messaging between employees.  

Phishing Training & Routine Testing

With 91% of successful data breaches started with a phishing attack, can you really afford not to train your users on how to avoid one? Our tools help you know which of your users are most vulnerable to clicking on malicious mail and train them to better avoid social engineering, spear phishing, and ransomware attacks.

Two-Factor Authentication for Remote Desktop Services & Virtual Private Networks

Protect network security made vulnerable by remote user access with our Two-Factor Authentication service. Similar to accessing your bank account via an ATM, 2FA requires users to create a PIN known only to them. The service generates one-time passwords that get combined with the PIN to allow safe logons every time – providing simple yet effective secure remote access with every session.

Hard Drive Destruction Service

Outdated servers and workstations are easy to get rid of, but what happens to the hard drives and the valuable data you had on them when they go? Don’t take chances – allow IT Solutions to have the drives properly wiped of data and then physically destroyed so you can be certain the drives and their contents will never be accessed by anyone else.

Dark Web Monitoring

Protect your company’s most sensitive data with 24/7 Dark Web Monitoring. Our service combines intelligence with search capabilities to identify, analyze and proactively monitor for your organization’s compromised or stolen data.

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