Security Measures To Minimize Data Loss

Security Measures To Minimize Data Loss

Damage caused by stroms and other threats from Mother Nature are not the only reason to be thinking about disaster recovery today. Cybersecurity threats are increasing at speeds that none of us could have imagined. Just like a power outage from a major storm, a data breach or security attack can cause a variety of infrastructure failures, slowing down or even putting a halt to business operations. And the effects of a security breach are far greater than just downtime. If your data is accidentally or deliberately compromised, and you have failed to deploy appropriate security measures, you may face fines and regulatory sanctions.

The U.S National Cyber Security Alliance found that 58% of small/medium businesses are not prepared for a data loss incident and 60% of those companies that lose data will shut down within six months.

When calculating the cost of downtime, it is crucial to remember that the stakes are high. In addition to the loss of revenue and damaged reputation — employee productivity, morale, and missed business opportunities can also result from failing to protect your organization.

In this digital era, customers expect to have everything online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The competition is fierce, and if you can’t meet your customers' accessibility demands, they will go elsewhere. Ensuring that your business-critical processes are not interrupted is paramount to keeping your customers happy and business successful.

Data Recovery From Diasters and Breaches

A comprehensive backup and disaster recovery (DR) plan will determine the speed and steps to full recovery from a natural disaster such as a hurricane or a security breach. It is essential to have the ability to failover as quickly as possible at the onset of any event. In some cases you may be able to wipe or replace the data storage drives of the affected IT assets and download any lost data from a backup. Or better yet, you can activate entire replicas from your cloud-based network environment to instantly restore while you work to investigate the security breach.

As we approach hurricane season – and the typically quieter summer months – it’s a good idea to take a close look at your systems and ensure you have a solid backup plan in place, and beyond that, a tested business continuity plan to get back up and running should you network get compromised. 

A worst-case scenario can become a reality at any time — but it doesn’t have to result in long-term damage to your business.

Disaster recovery is just a piece of the puzzle. Today it’s about securing access and availability and paving the way forward with continuous updates and proactive process improvement to be ahead of the game.

Is your network secure from the latest threats? In the event of a data breach or natural disaster, how fast can your business get back up and running?

IT Solutions offers state-of-the-art, cloud services and support, including redundant data backup solutions to ensure your systems are up and running and recoverable all times. Coupled with our advanced cybersecurity services, we can ensure your employees and your customers have the access they need 24x7x365.  Contact us today to discuss our managed IT Services that include business continuity and disaster recovery and how we can ensure minimal disruption to your business operations.

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