Webinar: Introduction to Blockchain Technology

Webinar: Introduction to Blockchain Technology

Wednesday, January 17th | 2:00pm 

Blockchain is stirring up the technology and business worlds, and we are finding ourselves asking, what exactly is Blockchain?  How does Blockchain work? And how will Blockchain impact my industry? Appearing more and more often among companies that are looking for innovative ways to optimize and secure internal information, power peer-to-peer transactions and increase data management, Blockchain is the solution to these next generation digital business needs.

Join Business Tech Talks and our friends from Chips Technology Group for this informative webinar: An Introduction to Blockchain & How it Will Impact Your Business.

During this webinar we’ll discuss:

  • What exactly is Blockchain technology
  • How this new era in technology has the potential to change the business world
  • Why Blockchain is powering crypto-currencies like bitcoin
  • Real World Industry Examples
  • What you should be considering before Blockchain disrupts your industry

Who Should Attend?

  • Business Owners, Operations & System Administrators
  • Business Visionaries looking to understand the future of their industry
  • Anyone interested in learning about the future of Blockchain technology

If you missed this webinar, visit Business Tech Talks to access the webinar recording!


About the Sponsor:

Business Tech Talks is a webinar series hosted by a group of nationally recognized Managed Service Providers (MSPs). All members provide comprehensive network management and support solutions in different regions across the United States. The goal of Business Tech Talks is to further educate business executives, decision makers, and IT professionals about key topics related to technology, as well as share our industry knowledge and best practices, and promote business innovation, growth and success. 

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