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Law Firm Successfully Transitions Network to IT Solutions’ NearCloud


Jacoby Donner, P.C. is a Philadelphia-based law firm specializing in construction, business and real estate law for more than 80 years. With 12 attorneys licensed in PA, NY and NJ, the firm has a large, growing presence across the mid-Atlantic region. A recognized leader in the industry, Jacoby Donner is a distinguished, multi-year honoree of the Best Lawyers in America.

The Challenge

For several years Jacoby Donner partnered with another cloud service provider for management and support of its network. The law firm became unhappy with the level of service from that provider as response times were slowing down and recurring user issues were becoming the norm.

Jacoby’s network at the time operated on a shared hosted/cloud infrastructure, meaning their IT provider pooled together data from multiple customers on the same equipment to leverage shared resources. This is a common setup found in many data centers because it is a cost-effective solution for the service provider, but has proven to be problematic for clients.

This shared hosted environment caused a number of issues for Jacoby Donner such as:

  • Lack of control: The firm couldn’t upgrade critical business applications as needed because new versions were not supported in the shared environment. As a result they were stuck working in a very outdated version of a document management application that ran extremely slow.
  • Inflexibility: The network supported a limited number of remote platforms. The firm did not have the flexibility to switch to their preferred platform. They were limited to the platform their IT provider offered.
  • Complex network set up: It was unclear which applications the firm owned versus leased from their IT provider and there were ongoing licensing issues as a result.
  • Storage limitations: Adding new applications resulted in unexpected storage space fees.

Despite frustrations with quality of service and network restrictions, Jacoby Donner was hesitant to move to another service provider because they had a bad experience with the initial implementation to the cloud and feared another painful transition. But after careful analysis of the costs and benefits, Jacoby decided to transfer their network management and support services to IT Solutions.

The Solution

Jacoby Donner moved to NearCloud, IT Solutions’ hosted, private cloud plan, which provides a secure, dedicated off-site server environment. NearCloud is set up so clients’ backend infrastructure and data are completely separate from each other - providing much more autonomy and flexibility to upgrade applications and add or switch to new technologies with ease.

The move from their previous cloud provider to IT Solutions’ NearCloud service was a fast and seamless process that had the entire firm up and running over the weekend with minimal down time. The transition included the much-needed document management system upgrade which eliminated slowness issues right away. Jacoby switched to a new remote desktop platform that made accessing the network and working out of the office much easier for attorneys and staff.

Jacoby Donner’s network is now supported by IT Solutions’ 24x7 local and live helpdesk - staffed with a team of highly experienced engineers well suited to troubleshoot any problems that arise. With a service level agreement in place, Jacoby Donner receives fast-response times and thorough follow-through until all issues are resolved.

Additionally, as with every NearCloud client, the firm is assigned a Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO) who is responsible for overseeing project work that is needed as well as providing long-term strategic guidance and support.

The Return

The entire firm at Jacoby Donner has seen an increase in productivity with the network transition to IT Solutions’ NearCloud. Attorneys on the road or in court and administrators in the office can access the applications and data they need faster and easier.

The level of communication has improved dramatically - rapid response times from the ITS help desk and the proactive planning with their VCIO have made a huge impact. The firm now has a clear understanding about service charges and there are no longer any hidden or unexplained fees.

"Transitioning our network to a private cloud environment was the right decision for our firm. NearCloud has significantly improved our operations and we’re very pleased with the level of communication and service provided by IT Solutions."

Elizabeth D’Angelo, Firm Administrator, Jacoby Donner

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