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The IT Solutions Referral Program

Refer a company to IT Solutions and if they become a SharedVision or block time client we'll give your company $1,000 AND give the new client $1,000, too!

As an ITS client, you know what we do for your business better than anyone. And many of our clients are already telling colleagues, friends, and business associates about our services and we want to thank you for it. That's why we created the ITS Client Referral Program. We want to thank you for spreading the word and helping us expand the way we have over the last 20 years. We're still expanding, and we look forward to serving your circle of friends the same way we've served you.

Step 1: Your Information

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Step 2: Referred Company Information

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Note: We take great care in the way we contact referrals from our clients and partners. We work to get only one meeting with a referred company. Not every company is a good fit, and we're not always a good fit for everyone. If we're not, we back off and make sure to keep your relationship with the referred company intact.

* Must be a current IT Solutions client in good standing.

Thank you!

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