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Certified Skills

Filemaker: Certified Skills

All of our FileMaker developers have passed the rigorous FileMaker certification exam and are required to pass new versions of the exam within 90 days of release.

IT Solutions is also an authorized reseller of FileMaker software and can help you purchase the right FileMaker licensing plan for your specific needs.

Filemaker: Certified Skills

End-to-End E-commerce and Electronic Publishing Platform

With an iPad friendly ordering website, users can order and fulfill electronic titles and read them on native, branded readers for iOS or Windows.

Millennium Medical

Centralized Food Ordering and Catering Event Management

A complete purchase management system built on the FileMaker platform that provides CtY with centralized food ordering and cost control.

Cater to You

Our Core Process

Agile software development is a relationship-oriented, lightweight, iterative process that results in the cyclical delivery of tested working software. There is no one Agile methodology, but rather a variety of development methodologies that all embrace a similar flexible approach.

Our Core Process

Dynamic Development

Maximum Flexibility for Complex Projects

With Dynamic Development – our partner-oriented service – our development team works with you using the latest online collaboration tools, helping you to create new features and solve business problems. We work on your system piece by piece reviewing working versions every week so you can constantly see progress.


Tandem Development

Product Support and Training

Tandem Development – our training-oriented service – was created to help in-house developers troubleshoot or develop new apps. It works for companies that have a single programmer or a full development team. We give you a certified ITS developer who comes on-site or works remotely via real-time collaboration software to collaborate with you throughout the life of the project.

Managed FileMaker Support Options


Keeping FileMaker Server Data Safe

FMAssure provides comprehensive coverage that goes far beyond traditional backup solutions and was developed just for FileMaker servers. From priority support for your locally hosted solutions to full off-site backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity services, trust your FileMaker system to IT Solutions.


Supporting existing FileMaker applications

FMAssist is a user help plan that adds to your existing programming support with day-to-day coverage for general FileMaker questions as well as assistance for your specific application. Best of all, you get everything for one low monthly price based on your number of users. So you don't have to spend big to get the knowledge you need when you need it.


As custom software developers, IT Solutions can develop software for any industry or focus area but we have deep experience in the following industries.

Marketing & Creative Services

Marketing & Creative Services

Project, resource, and asset tracking within marketing and creative services companies and departments of enterprise firms is critical to measuring the effectiveness of the unit and even individual staff.

Higher Education

K-12 & Higher Education

IT Solutions' talented team of developers have built a variety of systems for our university clients, from custom student information systems to apps that fulfill a particular function, like progress and equipment tracking or research management.



When it comes to custom development for non-profits we understand that the budget is often significantly less than for-profit clients. Having worked with hundreds of non-profits, we’re sensitive to the limitations they face.

Small & Medium-Sized Business

Small & Medium-Sized Business

For small and medium-sized businesses where commercial software is either too narrowly focused or too broad-based, we deliver and support custom solutions that hit the mark.

Our Team

Successful custom software projects depend on clear communication from proposal to sign-off. So our developers are as talented at consulting as they are at coding.

Through consistent communication and attention to every detail of development, our team of technical architects, software developers, project managers and quality assurance specialists deliver solutions that exceed expectations and inspire long-term support partnerships with clients of all sizes – from Fortune 500 to small, family-owned businesses.

Philly FileMaker

PFUG (The Philly FileMaker User Group) is a collective of FileMaker developers and users that meets monthly in Fort Washington PA (with occasional excursions elsewhere) to meet, brainstorm and network in a collegial, informal environment.


FileMaker Training Series (FTS):
Advanced for FileMaker

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