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Today's office workers depend on digital collaboration in almost every aspect of their jobs. With all of us being able to work from just about anywhere and on any device, reliable and user-friendly online communication and interaction tools are more important than ever before. Whether it’s co-workers, clients, vendors, or partners we need to connect with, we look for digital solutions tailored to fit our unique businesses and processes to help us get the job done.

Among the most comprehensive digital tools available, Microsoft's Office 365 and SharePoint Online have changed the way organizations think about corporate intranets, portals, and client extranets. Bundled with most Office 365 subscriptions, SharePoint is tightly integrated with a full set of other great cloud applications, making it the platform of choice for your digital workplace.

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Make the Most of Your Office 365 Investment with IT Solutions

Our certified team of Office 365 and SharePoint Consultants can help you maximize your cloud investment. We collaborate and engage with you every step of the way to deliver a digital workplace that your employees and customers will be eager to use.

Information Architecture Planning

Information Architecture Planning

Modern Template Design

Modern template design and corporate branding

Hub Site

A hub site (company intranet) and departmental sites


Side-by-side support during launch


Training for power users to edit content

File Server

File server and other data source migrations

Digital Workplace

Create a Digital Workplace that Helps Your Team Thrive

Office 365 is much more than another way to license the Office Suite. The platform offers everything you need to build your Digital Workplace. Create a centralized hub using SharePoint to securely store, organize, share, and access corporate content in a web browser, and integrate it with all the tools your users need to work together, now and in the future.

Benefits Include

  • Unified employee experience for better internal communications
  • Easy and secure invitations of external users to select content for increased customer engagement
  • Departmental and project sites for teams to share and collaborate on content
  • Approval workflows to automate processes, saving time and money
  • Increased visibility into your line-of-business data to help make informed decisions
  • Simplified document management for team collaboration

Powerful Apps Right Out of the Box

The power of your digital workplace doesn’t end here. The Office 365 platform encompasses a collection of web-based tools and applications that can integrate easily with your SharePoint intranet. Depending on your specific business needs, you can leverage any of these tools to help your users work smarter and faster than ever before.

Power BI

Power BI

With interactive dashboards and business intelligence reports, Power BI allows you to unify and explore your data in ways that weren’t possible before. Integrate various data sources into a single location and gain instant access to real-time analytics from within SharePoint, empowering users to make informed business decisions.



Quickly and easily build visually stunning apps for every task. Take advantage of device capabilities like cameras, GPS, and pen controls. Completely customized for your business requirements, you can develop your apps on the web, iOS, and Android devices—all without writing a single line of code.



Create and automate your workflows and enable business logic using Flow’s simple point-and-click designer tools to build processes across connected data sources and services. Your workflows can fire-and-forget or return data back to your app to display information to the user.



Microsoft’s Teams unites your conversations, content, and apps, taking group collaboration to a whole new level. Teams' integration allows for shared files and calendars, collaborative editing, and easy switching between voice, video, and text chat.

Microsoft Gold Partner

As a Microsoft Gold partner with over 25 years of experience, we’ve custom-developed hundreds of business solutions, intranets, and portals for our clients. Our extensive experience with complex requirements and a variety of industries served sets us apart from recent start-ups or developers focused on a specific vertical or application type.

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