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Your backups probably get used more than you think. Users delete files or e-mails (and wish they hadn’t) and it’s convenient to go to last night’s backup to restore them. You may even take hard drives offsite on a scheduled basis. But what happens when the backup itself is destroyed, or there’s nothing to restore it back to? With your data as one of your business’s most critical assets, you need to be able to recover your information under any circumstances so your business can survive.

That’s why we offer DataVault Disaster Recovery (DR) and DataVault Business Continuity (BC). We take your data offsite to a secure location every night. In the event of a disaster we can restore the data on new equipment quickly and painlessly. With our BC add-on, we can even start up virtual copies of your servers in our redundant data center so your business never misses a beat.


  • ITS DataVault™ Device Installed Onsite at Your Location with All the Benefits of the Full DataVault Program
  • 6 Weeks of Unlimited Onsite Storage and Local Virtual Recovery Zone for Fast Restores After Equipment Failures (DR Only)
  • 6 Weeks of Offsite Storage Priced per Compressed GB (DR Only)
  • Unlimited Number of Servers Backed Up
  • Encrypted Data Storage In-Transit and At Rest
  • Decrease Downtime by Restoring to Dissimilar Hardware
  • Ability to Host Servers Offsite from Backed-Up Data or Replicated Servers During an Emergency
Data Loss

Unexpected downtime is more costly than ever. Businesses lose between $1,000 and $17,000 for every minute their operations are stalled, including lost revenue and productivity, and recovery expenses.

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