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90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

A Solid Start to a Long Relationship

90 day Satisfaction Guarantee

Many companies make ambitious promises to persuade you to switch, only to not deliver on what they promised. Switching IT support firms is complicated and never an easy decision – we get it.

That’s why we’ll take all of the financial risk by ensuring we do exactly what we promise. If we fail to deliver on any of the following critical onboarding tasks within 90 days of the agreement start with your company, and you decide not to continue service as a result, we will return what you’ve paid in that time frame for your Advanced, Guardian, or NearCloud Plan.


In the first 90 days of the agreement start date we will deliver on the following onboarding tasks:

  • 24x7 critical alert monitoring configured on all covered equipment
  • Baseline security review and remediation implemented
  • High Security Password Policy
  • Firewall Lockdown Remote Access Security (if applicable)
  • Microsoft Patching as needed
  • Active Directory Audits and Controls
  • Stale account audit
  • Elevated rights audit and cleanup
  • Full Backup Management
  • Configure backup monitoring & reporting services


In the first 90 days we will deliver on the following optimization tasks:

Optimize...Getting the most out of your IT investment is as important to us as it is to you and is much more than just fixing daily problems. We want to help you get more out of your investment by planning for the upcoming year and beyond.

  • Full documentation and inventory of your network in our management software
  • Network standardization based on IT Solutions’ best practices
  • vCIO Assessment and Recommendations Report

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