Helping you find and hire the right talent

Finding and retaining new employees is a constant challenge for companies of all sizes. But for small and mid-sized businesses, with limited resources and typically no dedicated recruitment staff, hiring the right people when you need them is always an uphill battle.

Having a trusted partner to assist with recruiting efforts can make a significant difference. Like we do with other IT-support services, we take on the search for new staff to give our clients the freedom to focus on other priorities. Count on our experienced team, proficient in the latest tools and processes, for the recruiting and screening of top talent to help your business succeed.

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Why ITSelect

  • Targeted search for technical as well as non-technical positions
  • Significant savings in placement fees over staffing firms
  • Generous probationary periods for hired candidates
  • Free replacement searches for hires that don't work out
  • Speed up the hiring process
  • Reduce or eliminate administrative burden of recruitment and screening
  • A guarantee to never contact a hired candidate following placement (they're yours to keep)
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