Hurricanes Brewing in the Atlantic Cause Concern for Local Businesses

Hurricanes Brewing in the Atlantic Cause Concern for Local Businesses

The most active part of the hurricane season is here and there's plenty of action in the Atlantic.

If you were visiting the shore over Labor Day weekend you know that the ocean temperature is high. With these conditions comes the unstable atmosphere conducive to thunderstorms, which, of course, are the building blocks for hurricanes. 

While we can’t control Mother Nature, one thing we can control is how prepared we are when these situations arise. IT Solutions has a number of ways to secure your data and ensure your business stays up and running. Implementing data backup and recovery practices will enable your staff to work remotely and conduct business as usual despite loss of power in your office space. 

For the most peace of mind regarding the protection of your data, you should consider off-site server hosting. Fully supported server and application hosting options are available through offerings like the IT Solutions NearCloud plan.

Added benefits of hosting your data off site include the elimination of expensive server hardware refreshes every few years, lower power and cooling costs, and the overall shift of IT infrastructure costs from capital expense to operating expense.

September is National Preparedness Month. Taking proactive measures and planning for such events is the best way to ensure you, your family and your business will be ready for the next storm. If you have any questions related to data backup and recovery services or would like to discuss next steps to developing a disaster recovery plan of your own, fill out the form below or contact us at 1.866.Pick.ITS.

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