Advantages of Electronic Medical Records

Advantages of Electronic Medical Records

by Thin Solutions Technology

Not only is electronic medical records technology becoming a requirement in doctors’ offices across the nation, but more benefits are emerging with its widespread use. Doctors and patients alike benefit from electronic medical records programs, including:

1. Decreased Errors, Increased Accuracy.

By managing all of a patient’s medical information in one place, data is synchronized and up-to-date. EMR eliminates errors made from illegible handwriting and other common human mistakes.

2. Improved Patient Care.

In case of emergency or simply when a patient is seeing another doctor, EMR makes their records available worldwide. By eliminating the delay in accessing a patient’s medical history, doctors can begin treatment immediately. Saving time means saving lives.

3. Reduced Costs, Increased Space.

The days of duplicating scans are over. Save on the expensive copies of images by utilizing electronic medical records.

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