Anniversary of Superstorm Sandy

Anniversary of Superstorm Sandy

Nearly 7 years to the day from when Superstorm Sandy hit the eastern shore and surrounding areas, another severe weather warning was announced for the suburbs of Philadelphia. It was confirmed by the National Weather Service that a tornado packing winds between 111 to 135 mph touched down in Glen Mills on Thursday, Oct 31st. Luckily, no one was seriously injured, but the storm caused damage to Delaware, Montgomery and Bucks Counties, leaving more than 107,000 PECO customers without power.

IT Solutions was one of the many businesses in the area to lose power Friday. But because our company is well-prepared for this type of event with the items listed below, we were able to continue to support our customers remotely and conduct business as usual and without any impact on service delivery.

  • Centralized One-Call System. Notifies the entire staff with a single phone call about the power outage and work from home plan.
  • VoIP Call Continuity Service. Allows for all calls to reroute to employee cellphones.
  • Highly Redundant Datacenter. All business-critical services are hosted in our highly redundant data center.  Any servers hosted locally in the office are replicated to the data center and have the capability to fail over quickly in the event of a prolonged outage.
  • Cloud Applications. Many of our line-of-business applications run in the cloud, and with the use of Office 365 as our productivity suite our staff can work remotely with ease.      
  • Trained Staff. Routine testing is conducted periodically to ensure all employees have the equipment and access they need to perform their jobs.

Pennsylvania has seen an abnormally high number of tornadoes this year — with more than two dozen confirmed as of last week. Villanova University scientists expect a greater number of severe weather events in our area over the long-term.

While last week’s storm does not come close to comparing to the intensity or amount of devastation caused by Superstorm Sandy, it’s a good reminder to all of us living and working in this area that natural disasters can (and do) happen in this area —  and it doesn’t take a supersize hurricane to cause a power outage or business disruption.   

Is your business prepared to work as usual in the event of a power outage? Do you have the systems in place so that your staff can work remotely without delay?

If you would like to discuss ways to better prepare your business in the event of a prolonged power outage, or other unexpected circumstances that could cause downtime, contact us today. Check out the security page of our website to learn about our DataVault DR + BC services.

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