Becoming Middle-Brained with FileMaker 14

Becoming Middle-Brained with FileMaker 14

Join FM Academy for a Webinar on Tuesday, June 16th @ 2pm. Register Now!

We’re all familiar with the concept that “left-brained” people are more logical and structured, and that “right-brained” people are more artistic and creative. FileMaker 14 is the perfect marriage of logic and creativity, allowing developers now to find that perfect middle balance.

With the introduction of the Script Workspace we can use our left brains more efficiently to write, comment, and debug scripts faster than ever before. With the new Navigation Part, Button Bars, and built-in Icons we can turn that logic into beautiful objects and elements far more effectively than ever before.

Join FM Academy and Beth Latta of IT Solutions as we dissect an existing FileMaker solution and re-envision it with new features of FileMaker 14.

During this webinar you will learn how to:
• Leverage new features released with FileMaker 14
• Create and debug scripts using Script Workspace
• Improve your User Interface with Button Bars
• Develop professional looking Apps with Navigation Parts

Who should attend?
• FileMaker Developers
• FileMaker Administrators and Power Users
• Anyone interested in learning more about FileMaker 14

IT Solutions Presents: Becoming Middle-Brained with FileMaker 14
Date: Tuesday, June 16, 2015
Time: 2:00 - 3:00PM EDT
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This webinar is offered by the FM Academy, a consortium of leading FileMaker development companies in the United States. All FM Academy members are part of the FileMaker Business Alliance, and our purpose is to further educate FileMaker users and developers to encourage best practices and foster further adoption of the software.

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