Beware of Latest Ransomware “Petya”

Beware of Latest Ransomware “Petya”

There’s yet another new ransomware attack to take note of known as “Petya” and it's similar to the recent WannaCry exploit.

The way Petya works is pretty straightforward. A user opens an email and downloads a file, and the virus encrypts each computer, rendering it unusable until the system is decrypted. The user is then instructed to pay money (bitcoin) in order to get their files retrieved.

Petya started in Europe with Ukraine getting hit the hardest, but it has made way to the US and is spreading quickly. Global pharma giant Merck as well as other Pennsylvania-based healthcare practices have reportedly been affected by the attack. 

IT Solutions’ endpoint security is already updated, so we’re out in front of it here, but it’s another reminder that you should always use smart computing practices. 

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