Choose ITSelect for Your 2017 Staffing Needs

Choose ITSelect for Your 2017 Staffing Needs

If you’re looking to supplement internal recruitment efforts, save on external recruiting fees, or you’re anticipating growth in the coming months and planning to increase your full-time employee count, IT Solutions is here to help in 2017.

At ITS, we understand that finding and recruiting the right talent is often an uphill battle for many small and mid-sized businesses. Advertising new positions, reviewing resumes, screening candidates, conducting preliminary interviews and the amount of administrative work that comes along with this process can be a major burden.

ITSelect is our targeted recruiting service offering. Like we do with other IT-support services, we’ll take on the search for new staff to give you the freedom to focus on other priorities. With ITSelect, clients of ITS can rely on our experienced team at significantly lower rates than what typical staffing firms charge.    

Why ITSelect:

  • Targeted search for technical as well as non-technical positions
  • Significant savings in placement fees over staffing firms
  • Generous probationary periods for hired candidates
  • Free replacement searches for hires that don't work out
  • Speed up the hiring process
  • Reduce or eliminate administrative burden of recruitment and screening
  • A guarantee to never contact a hired candidate following placement (they're yours to keep)

If you are considering outsourcing your staffing needs but have been discouraged by high placement fees or would like to compare how ITSelect stacks up against your current recruiting agency, contact IT Solutions today.  We’re happy to discuss how we can help your business thrive in 2017.

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