Easily Create Robust Applications that Run in a Web Browser with FM 13

Easily Create Robust Applications that Run in a Web Browser with FM 13

Available in new FileMaker 13, FileMaker WebDirect is a breakthrough web technology that runs custom business solutions directly in a web browser on a desktop or laptop – with no web development skills required. It’s as simple as that. Combine the power of a desktop application with the simplicity of a web browser to manage and share your business information. With FileMaker WebDirect, you don’t need to use coding tools such as PHP, HMTL5, CSS or JavaScript to create robust solutions for the web. All you need is your existing FileMaker skills and you can go from creating a solution to making it accessible in a web browser with just a few clicks. Since FileMaker WebDirect looks like and acts like a desktop application, it gives you familiar functionality such as:

  • Desktop-style interaction – Use themes, styles, charts, menus, and more. Even drag and drop files into container fields.
  • Live updates – Get instant access to changes in your data or solution – no need to refresh your browser.
  • Automated processes - Enable scripts, calculations and conditional formatting to validate data and streamline workflow.

To see which features WebDirect supports, click here. FileMaker WebDirect is a perfect alternative if you don’t want to install or maintain software locally. It’s great for working with teams located in remote offices to easily share information. Use FileMaker WebDirect to securely collect information—like status updates, surveys, feedback forms, and more—from geographically dispersed colleagues and associates.

Getting Started with FileMaker WebDirect

Start by using FileMaker Pro to create a solution tailored for the web or use a pre-built web layout that comes with some of the built-in Starter Solutions. Next, enable your solution for the web in FileMaker Pro 13 and host these databases on FileMaker Server 13. Then simply access your solutions through a web browser from your computer.

Concurrent Connections

FileMaker WebDirect is accessed using concurrent connections in FileMaker Server 13. One concurrent connection comes with FileMaker Server 13 and additional connections can be purchased through the Server Admin Console or the FileMaker Store. Concurrent connections are sold in groups of 5, up to 50 connections. While there are no set limits, FileMaker WebDirect has been tested to support up to 50 concurrent connections.

Interested in learning how FileMaker 13 can help your business? Contact Jim Higgins at 215-886-7166 x 113.

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