FileMaker 16: Control Shift to Open Subscript

When a seasoned developer first starts looking at the FileMaker platform, one common issue is the number of dialog boxes they have to navigate through.  This was largely addressed in the past couple of versions of FileMaker. 

In the ‘olden days’ you could only view one script window at a time.  This made it very difficult to compare two scripts.  Then came the new Scripting workspace — a great improvement to say the least. 

With FileMaker 16 comes a small feature that you will no doubt use once you know about it.  Before 16, if you were reading a script that referenced a subscript using the ‘Perform Script’ or ‘Perform Script on Server’ script steps, you needed to find that script in the left side of the work space to open it up. 

Now with FileMaker 16, to open a script referenced in the Perform Script or Perform Script on Server script steps, all you need to do is Command + Click on the script name to open it in a new tab!  If you are using a PC, then you would Control + Click to open the script. 

With this new feature it is easier to follow the path of a script.  Make this part of your muscle memory right away.  Nice update.  Thanks FileMaker!

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