IT Solutions Launches New Recruitment Service Offering

IT Solutions Launches New Recruitment Service Offering

We all know that employees are the backbone of any business, so recruiting the right personnel is critical to maintaining steady growth and success. But without a full-time recruiter or HR manager, hiring new and qualified employees can be a major distraction – taking you away from your daily responsibilities and core business operations.

To help with all your staffing needs, IT Solutions is excited to bring our clients ITSelect™, a new targeted recruitment offering.

With our talented team, ITS can offer you the resources needed to speed up the hiring process. Our recruiters have the same experience and tools as dedicated staffing agencies. They’re familiar with the latest certifications and understand the skillsets required to perform at various roles and levels. At a fraction of the cost of agencies, our recruiters will filter resumes, conduct preliminary interviews, and evaluate potential candidates to deliver only the best, qualified candidates while you focus on other priorities in your business.  

ITSelect™ Offers:

  • Targeted search for technical as well as non-technical positions

  • Placement fees of only 10% of the hired candidate’s first year salary for current ITS clients

  • Generous probationary periods

  • Free replacement searches for hires that don't work out

  • Reduce or eliminate administrative burden of recruitment and screening

  • A guarantee to never contact a hired candidate following placement (they're yours to keep)

If you are like most small or mid-size business and the recruitment process is weighing you down but high agency placement fees are beyond your budget, contact IT Solutions today. We’re happy to discuss ITSelect and how we can assist with your recruitment needs.

For more information about ITSelect and the various features, call us at 1.866.PickITS or visit

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