ITS Launches New Website Design

ITS Launches New Website Design

Our 25th anniversary seemed like an appropriate time to get a facelift. We’re excited to announce the official launch of our newly designed website. Our goal was not a dramatic transformation (after all, why fix what’s not broken), instead we've made several subtle improvements to the design and content to improve the overall user experience.

Some notable changes you will see:

  • Our logo. We get it…five syllables is a mouthful. After 25 years of our clients referring to us as "ITS" we finally decided to abbreviate it. And yes, the logo shoots confetti. We are still celebrating!  
  • Simplified message. We cut back on the number of acronyms and industry jargon because we want to speak your language. We've added more visuals, videos and practical case studies throughout the site and more ways to contact us.
  • Navigation. We opted for a two-tier navigation so that our visitors can find the information they’re looking for, faster and easier than ever before. The main navigation is dedicated to our services, and the second tier (located in the top-right of every page) contains all our company-based information. Visiting our website from your phone or tablet? You’ll notice the mobile navigation is pretty slick, too.
  • The ITS Difference. We know we’re different than other IT companies. And we know why. But do you? Visit this new section of our website to learn about The ITS Difference.

Do you like what you see? Have suggestions for improvement? Please share your thoughts with us. We would love your feedback!

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