Just Released: FileMaker 13

Just Released: FileMaker 13

It’s been a long time coming, FileMaker 13 is finally here and more powerful than ever! The new platform is full of new and exciting features – more than 50 in all. Let’s dive in and see what FileMaker 13 has to offer.

Greater Access with FileMaker WebDirect 

This breakthrough web technology allows you to run your custom business solution from anywhere you go. FileMaker Go brought your solution to tablets and mobile devices. Now, with FileMaker Server 13 and FM WebDirect you can access, manage and share your FileMaker desktop application from any laptop or desktop with a web browser and keep the familiar look and feel as if you were at the office. You can still manage your database with themes, styles, charts, menus and even drag-and-drop files into container fields, receive live updates and automate your processes from the web. And the transition couldn’t be easier. With FM WebDirect you don’t need additional web coding knowledge -- like PHP, HTML5, CSS or JavaScript – to create or modify your solution. With just a few clicks your desktop application can be accessible online.

Improved Mobile Experience on FileMaker Go 13

Now FM Go 13 delivers an even better experience for your team when they’re on the go. Incorporating additional support for native iOS behaviors, and new features to speed data capture you can build mobile solutions faster than ever before. New features include predefined screen dimensions, popovers to avoid switching between layouts, multi-panel slide controls, 7 new keyboard options and integrated bar code scanner (no plugins required).

More Design and Development Options

It’s no secret that a professionally designed solution is much more compelling to use. FileMaker 13 includes 11 new ready-to-use customizable themes. Each theme now includes styles (sets of colors, fonts and text sizes applied to objects such as buttons, fields, and backgrounds) to give your solutions a consistent and professional look. Simply modify a style once and it changes everywhere. If you already have a theme you like and want to reuse, no need to recreate it anymore. FM13 has extended its ability to reuse themes across solutions. Other notable design improvements include re-designed starter solutions that include FM13 new features, drag and drop with the new Field Picker and the ability to control object visibility. To learn more about one of the slickest new features in the latest version, check out this post by one of IT Solutions' Senior FileMaker Developers.

Top Notch Security

Secure your data wherever you keep it – desktop, device or server. Using powerful 256-bit AES encryption, your data is now secure from unauthorized access when it’s on a FileMaker client or hosted on FileMaker Server. FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced is required to enable encryption. Also new is a visual encryption state indicator that shows when a connection to the server is secure and whether or not it is validated by a third-party certificate.


The FileMaker 13 platform is by far the most notable release in years. The features mentioned here just scratch the surface of what this version offers. FileMaker customers currently enrolled in the FileMaker Maintenance Program are entitled to the FM13 upgrade at no cost. For questions regarding your current licensing and how to obtain new software downloads and licensing keys contact andrea.leadbeater@itsolutions-inc.com. Interested in a personalized overview of the new release by an expert? Join us for next Thursday’s Philadelphia Area FileMaker User Group Meeting at the Walnut Street Apple Store in Center City. Click here for the details. As with any software upgrade, there are system requirements that should always be carefully reviewed.

If you are interested in taking advantage of these break-through features and would like to upgrade your current system, please contact us to discuss FileMaker 13 in more detail and for recommendations prior to deployment.

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