How to Collaborate with Lync Meetings Online

How to Collaborate with Lync Meetings Online

Most people use Lync for instant messaging within their organization and that’s it. If this is you, then you are missing out on the most powerful feature of this application – Lync meetings. As long as you have a Lync login, then you can set up and conduct a Lync meeting. It’s easier than you think.  

To schedule an online meeting, follow these steps:

1.    On the Home tab in Outlook, Click New Items > Lync Meeting.

A new window pops up with your untitled meeting, complete with links and instructions for the participants attending your meeting.

2.    Complete the meeting information and then click the Send button.

Alternatively, you can start an online meeting by going to the Calendar view, double-clicking the time you want to have the meeting, and then clicking Lync Meeting in the toolbar.

If you plan to have any of the attendees deliver presentations or share any content during meetings, assign them presenter privileges for the meeting. By default, meeting organizers and assigned presenters are the only ones who can share content.

To customize the presenter options, do the following:

1.    Create or open an existing online meeting in Outlook.

2.    On the Ribbon, click Meeting Options.

3.    In the Online Meeting Options window, choose the appropriate access level to specify who gets directly into the meeting without waiting in the lobby under the Access group.

4.    Choose an option for the presenters to specify who can share content and admit people to the meeting under the Presenters group.

If you select People I choose, click Manage Presenters to add Attendees to the Presenters list. Click OK after you add all the presenters.

5.    Click OK on the Online Meeting Options window.

6.    Click the Send button to update the meeting.

You can also promote and demote attendees to be presenters during the meeting. Right-click the attendee name from the People pane in your meeting and then click Make Presenter.

With presenter access, you can share your desktop, share one or more programs in your computers, deliver a presentation, conduct a poll, white board, and send files during the meeting. To start sharing content, click the Share drop-down menu and select your sharing option. A bar appears at the top of the screen with glow bars around the screen to indicate that you are now sharing content.

While sharing, you can give or take control back of your sharing session. Click the Give Control icon on the sharing bar at the top of the screen and then select the name you want to give control to. Note that this person can use his mouse and keyboard to control your shared content. To take back control, click Take Back Control on the Give Control menu.

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