Maximize Corporate Efficiency with Your Mobile Device

Maximize Corporate Efficiency with Your Mobile Device

Part 1: Time-Saving Tips and Tricks for your iPad

If you’re like most users, you check your email, search the web and use a few key apps to work while on the road. You’ve heard colleagues and friends rave about the endless capabilities your mobile device can offer, but you have yet to embrace it because you’re a stern believer that the "old way is the only way" or you just haven’t had the time to teach yourself the ins and outs of your device. Whatever your reason may be, there is no doubting that when fully leveraged, your mobile device has great potential to become your number one business tool.

So, we’re presenting a Maximize Corporate Efficiency with Your iPad blog series. The series will focus on ways you can leverage your iPad to increase your business productivity. We will highlight different business functions and provide you with relevant tips, tricks, app recommendations and advanced techniques to improve your iPad experience both in the office and on the road.

But first let’s get you better acquainted with some of the personalization settings and slick time-saving tricks available on your iOS device:

  1. Set up iCloud. If you do not already have your iCloud set up on your device, stop reading now and click here for instructions to set it up. Your iCloud is critical backup copy of your data in the event of a lost, stolen or damaged device. iCloud stores all of your important information and files such as your contacts, calendars, photos, music, books, apps, etc. With your secure Apple ID you can access your data from any device, for free.
  2. Increase font size. If you have problems with reading emails, notes or calendar entries on your iPad then you may just want to increase the font size on your iPad. This will definitely make reading text much easier. Go to Settings>General>Accessibility>LargeText. This setting only changes fonts for the mail, calendar and notes app. For other applications you need to change font size directly from the app itself.
  3. Turn down the brightness to save battery life. Get the most out of your iPad's battery by turning down the brightness of the display. Go to Settings>Brightness&Wallpaper from the left-side menu.
  4. Organize your apps with folders. To create a folder, simply hold your finger down on an app's icon until all of the apps begin to shake. Next, just drag it on top of another app and the iPad will create a folder containing the apps. To add more apps to the folder, simply drag them over and drop them on the newly created folder.
  5. Add more apps in dock. As you would move any app to a new location or screen, tap and hold one of the app icons till it starts dancing. Then move it on to the dock.
  6. Spotlight search. Flick right on the Home screen to access Spotlight search, or press the Home button. It also works for launching apps. Spotlight search will search your entire device, including email text, etc.
  7. Rotation Lock. Lock the screen in portrait or landscape mode. Double-click Home button > swipe to right > Tap left-most button to toggle.
  8. Bookmark frequently used web pages to your home screen. To add a home screen shortcut, simply click on the "Send To"icon in Safari when viewing any web site, and choose "Add to Home Screen".
  9. Customize Safari. You can modify settings to change your default search engine, privacy settings, block pop-ups, enable auto-fill and more. Go to Settings>Safari
  10. Clear browsing history. You can delete your Safari browser history in a flash. Just open the Settings app, then tap Safari and tap on Clear History. Bonus Tip: You can also wipe your Cookies and clear your Cache here too, which speeds up web page loading times.
  11. User reader/text Mode. If a web site is tough to read because it’s full of images and ads and you just want to cut to the chase, click on 'Reader Mode', located in the URL field at the top of the page. This will cut out sidebars, ads, headers, and any other non-text characters.
  12. Access built-in dictionary. Reading an email or webpage and come across an unfamiliar word? Just touch and hold any word you want to look up and select 'Define'.
  13. Search words. Ever wonder if there is a way to conduct a word search just like on your iPad just like the ctrl +F command on your Macbook or PC? When you are in your web browser go to the little search box in the top right corner and type in a word you’d like to search. Don’t click on the suggestions; instead scroll down until you see 'on this page'.
  14. Take screenshots. Hold down the home button and then push the top power button. Go to your photos to access your new screen shot.
  15. Combine email addresses. To integrate multiple email addresses, calendars and contacts go to:Settings>Mail>Contact>Calendars>Add Account.
  16. Preview more of your mail. iPad’s default setting shows only two lines of each email. If you want to see more of each email go to Settings> Mail> Calendar> Preview Mail.
  17. Switch to black and white mode. Set the Triple-click Home function to White on Black (good for reading books). Settings > General > Accessibility > Triple-click Home > Toggle White on Black.
  18. Take pictures with +vol button. If you find that the camera button is uncomfortably far to reach when taking a photo, you can use the +vol button on the side of your device to snap a picture. You can also use +vol from your Apple headphone cord when connected.
  19. Enable split keyboard. The iPad Keyboard can be split to provide easier typing with the thumbs, with one half of the keyboard shifting to one side of the screen and the other half shifting to the opposite side.
  20. Enable international keyboard. If your work involves communicating in other languages, you can change the setting on iPad to enable the international keyboard.
  21. Personalized Shortcuts. We all use abbreviations when emailing or text messages to save us time, but in a professional environment these abbreviations are not well received. So, the iPad allows you to create personalized shortcuts for frequently used phrases. For example, many people often use phases such as 'By the way' and 'Please let me know' in emails to clients and colleagues. By setting up personalized short cuts 'btw' and 'plmk' these 3 and 4-letter abbreviations can save a few seconds per email, which, of course adds up in the big picture. To set up your own personalized shortcuts on your iPad, go to:Settings > General > Keyboard > Add new shortcut.
  22. Access Special Characters. If you only need an accented character every now and then, there is no need to change your full keyboard layout. Simply press and hold the letter you want a variation of and the different special characters will pop up for you to choose. Bonus Trick: Double tap spacebar for period; hold down period for "..."; double tap the shift key to turn on caps.
  23. Setup multitasking features. The iOS 5.0 update offered the addition of multitasking gestures. These gestures allow you to switch between open apps by putting four fingers on the display and sliding them to the left or right. You can also bring up the home screen by pinching in with four fingers or bring up the "task bar" by pinching out. First turn on multi-tasking:Settings>General>Multi-tasking Gestures.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Maximize Corporate Efficiency for recommendations on the best business productivity apps!  

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