How to Improve Remote Team Collaboration

How to Improve Remote Team Collaboration

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, the need to work remotely has increased due to the recommendations from the government and health professionals. Asking employees to shift to remote work arrangements can be demanding and difficult, especially for organizations that don’t have remote work already embedded in their cultures.

One of the biggest challenges in managing remote workers is ensuring effective and efficient communication. Microsoft Office 365 platform allow you to stay in touch with your coworkers as if you were next to them in the office.

  • Microsoft Teams enables you to instantly touch base, send a quick question, or video conference call.
  • SharePoint ensures that when working from home you still have immediate access to the latest company files.
  • OneDrive gives them the power to coauthor in real time with team members—across all devices.
  • Advanced Threat Protection monitors for threats, keeping the work-at-homer’s communications protected from email phishing attacks and malware.

Microsoft Office 365 for Business empowers your team to work smarter, more collaboratively and increases productivity. With email, apps and storage, all in one place your team can communicate and work efficiently as if you were still in the office.

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