Spring Cleaning? Tips to Properly Dispose of Old Electronics

Spring Cleaning? Tips to Properly Dispose of Old Electronics

Spring cleaning is in full swing so now is a great time to get rid of your old hardware and electronics. But before you toss your old devices in the trash, there are a few things you should know. 

According to PA state law, if you're going to dispose of your computers, they must be recycled . They contain heavy metals which may be toxic if not handled properly. In Pennsylvania, the Covered Device Recycling Act (CDRA) was voted and mandates a disposal ban of all “covered devices” meaning, no electronic waste may be part of municipal waste. All covered devices are to be recycled, including: desktop computers, monitors, laptops, TVs and computer peripherals such as printers, fax machines, etc.

As with any other waste stream, companies should be careful about how and where their electronic material is recycled or reused. Selecting an electronics recycler is an important task, because simply deleting data from your machine doesn't mean it's actually unretrievable. Don't assume someone won't plug in your old device and try to access your data. It is recommended that you find a company or organization that you trust to handle the material in a manner that meets your needs, is protective of human health, and is environmentally responsible. 

Most local communities are enforcing e-cycling by offering monthly household electronics drop-off events, which can be found on your county municipality site.  

As your technology provider, IT Solutions is happy to work with you to remove sensitive data from your business hardware before e-cycling your servers and other electronics. If you would like to ensure your devices are ready for e-cycling, or would like suggestions for drop-off sites in your area or pick up services, contact your vCIO today.  

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