Yes, Your Facebook Account Can Get Hacked. Protect It Now!

Yes, Your Facebook Account Can Get Hacked. Protect It Now!

By: Frank Shiery, IT Solutions

Facebook has become a popular platform not only for social networking but also for online business marketing. Today, companies utilize Facebook for brand awareness, promoting new products, events, webinars, and to increase traffic to company web sites. With the prolific use of this highly popular site, it of course is an attractive target for hackers. If your account were to get hacked, all your personal details could be hijacked and spam mails could be sent to a number of other high-grade hackers. Fortunately there are many prevention techniques you can follow to avoid falling victim to these kinds of attacks. Protect your company account and personal profiles by following these steps:

Set up Login Notifications and Secure Browsing

Turn the Login Notifications on: Login notifications will warn you whenever the Facebook account is accessed from some other device. Go to Account Settings > click on the Security icon > choose Notifications > put a checkmark beside the box labeled as ‘Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) when possible’ > click on Save Changes. You are done! By enabling this, you will receive an email if someone else tries to access your Facebook account. Enable Secure Browsing: Secure Browsing makes use of encrypted connection in place of the standard. This protects your Facebook account by scrambling your data in order to prohibit the third party user from accessing your Facebook details through some other network. Step 1: Go to Account Settings Step 2: Click on Security icon Step 3: Choose Secure Browsing * Edit Step 4: Check the box beside ‘Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) when possible’ Step 5: click on Save Changes

Beware of Scams

You've probably seen the ‘Remove Facebook Timeline’ scam quite often in your account. Don’t make the mistake of clicking on ‘Like’ or ‘Continue’ since this may enable the scammer to hack your account. Whenever you find an unusual message in the status update of your Facebook account, Google the message and verify that it’s legitimate before proceeding further with it.

Change the Password Often

Most users do not have the habit of changing the password quite often. If you come across a message that you have not posted on the wall of your Facebook account, your account has probably been hacked. The first measure that you need to take in this regard is changing your password as soon as possible. A password should always be a combination of characters, numbers and letters so that hackers and hacker software programs can’t easily guess your password. The Internet is a world of many possibilities, while it provides us with endless resources for both work and entertainment such as Facebook, it is important to be aware of the prevention techniques out there to avoid being a victim. If you have questions regarding the security of your online accounts or network, contact your VCIO or a Client Services Coordinator at any time.

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